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BIG MOTHER GIG is back with their new LP, No More Questions. In the midst of opening for Gin Blossoms on the West Coast,BIG MOTHER GIG has successfully revived their powerful, robust music style that reinvigorates the sound of rock ‘n’ roll. No More Questions will be available on digital music platforms everywhere on October 12th.

BIG MOTHER GIG has not only kept their 90s rock roots, but expanded their musicianship. They brought in special guests, Dicky Barrett (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones) and Britta Phillips (Luna) to support their new LP. They also had the opportunity to co-write with acclaimed novelist, Rick Moody (The Ice Storm).

Los Angeles-based/Milwaukee-bred power pop rockers BIG MOTHER GIG returned in 2017 after a 20-year hiatus with “Almost Primed”, an EP of 6 hard-hitting songs praised by ALTERNATIVE PRESS, PASTE, NEW NOISE, IMPOSE, ALLTHINGSGO, SUBSTREAM, PURE GRAIN AUDIO and more. Recorded by Jeff Hamilton (Violent Femmes) and Dan Long (Local Natives, Spiral Stairs), the EP’s singles “Alvarado” and “Nametag” were well-received with specialty and college radio airplay and impressive streaming numbers. Subsequent singles “The Great Heist” was premiered by NEW NOISE and received critical acclaim. And “(Let’s Make) Compelling Content” debuted on SiriusXM and charted at #7 on the FMQB Submodern Chart as well as being named Song Of The Day by NPR/The Current while the Peaking Lights remix was premiered by UNDER THE RADAR.

BIG MOTHER GIG originally formed in 1992 in Milwaukee and the band played across the Midwest with The Magnolias, The Hunger, Chris Duarte, PunchDrunk (who later form The Hold Steady) and early acts featuring members of The Promise Ring and Braid. They combined raw punk (Dag Nasty) and Midwestern indie (Replacements) with hard rock (AC/DC). At their final show in 1996, a label showcase, Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner praised the band but they broke up when singer Richard Jankovich moved to New York. Throughout the ‘00s, Jankovich achieved success with Burnside Project (who’s “Cue The Pulse To Begin” was the theme to “Queer As Folk” and went Top 30 in Japan) and Pocket (who’s remixes for Radiohead and Beck were praised by Pitchfork, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan and others).

Since reforming, BIG MOTHER GIG has played with Gin Blossoms, LUNA, Soccer Mommy, Peelander-Z , Alvarez Kings, The Yawpers, The Silver Palms, Gestures & Sounds, Pet Engine, Diana Meyer and more. New members include Mike Datz (Liz Phair), Albert Kurniawan (Graham Ulicny of The Faint) and Micah Lopez.

Annjie Houston, LaFamos PR
Management and Booking: Richard Jankovich, Shoplifter
Radio: Chris Stowers, Hard Boiled Promo
Licensing: Carol Sue Baker, Ocean Park Music



Almost Primed EP (2017)

Quintessentially Average (92-96) (2016)






9/17/18 – Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA (supporting GIN BLOSSOMS)
9/11/18 – Discovery Ventura, Ventura, CA (supporting GIN BLOSSOMS)
9/9/18 – The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA (supporting GIN BLOSSOMS)
6/27/18 – Palmers, Minneapolis, MN (w/That’s What You Get, Snuff Redux, Black Satori)
6/6/18 – Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles, CA (w/In Shades, Old Notes, Bella Porter)
4/16/18 – The Viper Room, Los Angeles, CA (w/PEELANDER-Z)
4/15/18 – The Lost Knight, Los Angeles, CA (w/The Silver Palms, Diana Meyer, VooDoo, Gestures & Sounds)
1/11/18 – The Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles, CA (w/LUNA)
11/3/17 – Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI (w/LUNA, Soccer Mommy)
11/2/17 – Park West, Chicago, IL (w/LUNA, Soccer Mommy)
9/13/17 – Resident, Los Angeles, CA (w/The Yawpers)
7/28/17 – Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA (w/ Sleeper Hold, TV Dinner)
7/14/17 – The Hi Hat, Los Angeles, CA (w/ Alvarez Kings, Yacht Punk)
3/18/17 – Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI – 20-year Reunion (w/ FS Camels, Pet Engine, You’re Pretty, Slurr)

’90s SHOWS (Too many to list them all but here’s some highlights):
8/31/96 – TicketMaster Showcase, Madison, WI (w/Framing Amy, Fuzzdolly)
8/30/96 – Going Away Party @ The Globe, Milwaukee, WI (w/Slurr, Miss Trixie, Dorian Gray, True Heart Susie, Subside, Soma, Iklektic, Rustle Of Love)
7/20/96 – Heroes, Cudahy, WI (w/Captain Coconut, Iklektik, Sludgehead)
6/28/96 – Summerfest – Rock Stage, Milwaukee, WI (w/The Hunger, Chris Duarte)
6/2/96 – The Rave, Milwaukee, WI (w/Q, Swingset Police, Alligator Gun)
4/1/96 – SPOOFEST @ The Globe, Milwaukee, WI (as Metallica/Nirvana)
2/2/96 – The Globe, Milwaukee, WI
8/12/95 – The Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI (w/The Magnolias)
6/15/95 – RnR Station, Madison, WI (w/True Heart Susie)
4/15/95 – The Gasthaus/UWM, Milwaukee, WI
4/1/95 – SPOOFEST @ The Globe, Milwaukee, WI (as Cheap Trick)
1/25/95 – The Chamber, Madison, WI (w/Feedbag, Bump)
1/20/95 – The Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI (w/Punchdrunk, Venison)
12/31/94 – The Pit, LaCrosse, WI (NYE)
12/29/94 – The Globe, Milwaukee, WI (w/Honey Child, Ulterior Motive)
11/3/94 – The Chamber, Madison, WI (w/Push On Junior, Mythos)
9/23/94 – The Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI (w/Affy Bangster)
9/16/94 – Quarters, Milwaukee, WI (w/Bitter Jayne, Danger Prone Daphne)
9/15/94 – The Globe, Milwaukee, WI (w/RubberFist, Rustbelt)
9/10/94 – The Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI (w/Compound Red, Big’N)
9/8/94 – Thurstons, Chicago, IL (w/Sticky, Guests Who Never Leave)
8/26/94 – Sherman’s Celebrity Club, Milwaukee, WI (w/RubberFist)
6/17/94 – Quarters, Milwaukee, WI (w/Jeff’s Cat Bob)
4/29/94 – The Avalanche, Milwaukee, WI (w/Blind Venetians)
3/31/94 – The Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI (w/Blind Venetians)
3/17/94 – St. Patrick’s Day @ The Avalanche, Milwaukee, WI
2/12/94 – The Glocca Morra, Milwaukee, WI (w/FS Camels)
2/5/94 – The Glocca Morra, Milwaukee, WI (w/Happytown)
1/21/94 – Marquette Pub, Milwaukee WI (w/West Of Everywhere, The Predictors)
1/13/94 – Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI (w/Ivory Library, Scribble)
12/3/93 – The Unicorn, Milwaukee, WI (w/Truck Stop Love, Juggernaut)
11/13/93 – Tinker and Al’s Birthday Party, Milwakee, WI (w/Blarney Castle, Bus Driver Green, 3 Penny Opera)
10/30/93 – Album Release Party @ The Glocca Morra, Milwaukee, WI (w/Sniper Q, Blarney Castle)
7/6/93 – Sherman’s Celebrity Club, Milwaukee, WI
1/13/93 – Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI