“Big Mother Gig matches huge pop hooks with equally massive guitar sounds. The opening track is a mightily catchy introduction to Big Mother Gig that reminds me of late-’90s touchpoints like Clarity-era Jimmy Eat World but with a grand guitar sheen I’d almost compare to the Cure. “

“The Underdog” feat Leah Wellbaum was chosen as an NPR Music ‘Staff Pick’ and included in their New Music Friday playlist”

“…makes no secret of the band’s sunny ‘90s indie touchpoints like The Gin Blossoms, Superchunk, and Built To Spill. Jangly power pop guitars and big sweet melodies call back fondly to those days with a gentle sense of nostalgia. The resulting track almost feels like opening the curtains and letting the light stream in on a beautiful day, a gentle reminder that things can get better set to irresistibly sweet indie rock.”

“’20 Miles’ is a big, soaring dose of jangly, road-trip-friendly alt-rock that longtime Big Mother Gig fans (or Replacements or Husker Du or Gin Blossoms fans) are gonna wanna hear”

“the kind of classic American alt-rock you didn’t think anybody made anymore..whether that’s the straight-talking, desperate jangle of “The Doctor Will See You Now” or the downtrodden, self-defeating miserablism of “High Functioning,” there’s a loose recklessness to these melodies that both convey being stuck in that rut, but also the determination to get out of it.”

“The Milwaukee band Big Mother Gig recently put out their 3rd album, a contemplative album that delves into topics of therapy, medication, getting older, and getting sober. “

“Big Mother Gig will meet all your jangly guitar needs and dish out one huge hook after the other as they go from rocking out in opener ‘The Underdog’ (featuring Slothrust’s Leah Wellbaum) and the downright beautiful centerpiece that is ‘Overcome With Shadows’ to gently swaying in the poppy and Americana-flecked ‘Sober Man’s Test’ before getting introspective in the fragile ‘Drawn With Broken Crayons’.“

“Richard Jankovich’s band has now released more original music in its second life than its first, when it was packing Milwaukee clubs in the ’90s. Those influences are still apparent on “Gusto,” but the album sounds fresh, never stale, as Jankovich, through his sobriety, takes stock of his failings and looks ahead to his second chances. “That Day,” with Jankovich reflecting on his past before contemplating the potential travails of his daughter’s future, is particularly poignant. This is Big Mother Gig’s greatest work by far.”

“Top 10 best songs of December, 2018” 

“…fits into the current landscape with a sound that could have been plucked right out of ’96…Picture (them) on with Jawbreaker and the Promise Ring and you’ve got the right idea.”

“Big Mother Gig take the established melodies and add to them with a cacophony of vocals that stick like an ear worm, it’s damned catchy. “

This cathartic, grunge-laden single is a testament to years of cultural contribution and a fresh reminder that time is never a factor for rock and roll. .”